Quality sci-fi and fantasy art for publishing, advertising, the entertainment industry and private collections.

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About Patrick Jones

Patrick J. Jones was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up during the height of Ireland’s conflicts and was one of the first people to be awarded a Prince Charles Trust Fund. Inspired primarily by artists Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta, he decided to follow in their footsteps come hell or high water. He now lives with wife Cathy and two scruffy dogs in sunny Brisbane and cables art worldwide to the likes of Lucasfilm and Disney Studios.

Patrick has worked for most major SF/Fantasy publishers and film companies worldwide. His paintings grace the covers of authors including Simon R. Green and H.G. Wells and his concept work can be seen in movies such as Peter Pan and The Great Raid. He also teaches a Masterclass in SF & Fantasy techniques at campuses on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia. He is the author of two #1 Amazon best selling books on his art techniques: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques and The Anatomy of Style a book on his uniques drawing methods.


'The master artist makes it clear that getting the groundwork right is the key to great art...'

ImagineFX Magazine


'...I can't say enough here--his work reminds me at times of Jose Segrelles, one of the very finest fantasy illustrators ever...His work is AMAZING!'

Bud Plant's Art Books


I expect to be impressed by every piece that comes out of the hands of Patrick. His control of the paint and brushes is truly amazing. His technique is impeccable...

Boris Vallejo


Patrick has a fire and a passion in his art that very few have. His understanding of anatomy, design, composition and lighting is excellent. His technique and style are brilliant. But mostly his art is magical...’

Greg Hilderandt


Luscious color! That’s the first thing I think when I see one of Patrick’s paintings.Then my eyes roam around and see the silky skin of the characters, the intricate design work of their ornamentation...’

Julie Bell


Patrick is a phenomenal artist, equally versed in both traditional and digital methods... as well as a wonderful teacher.’

Dan Dos Santos


"Bringing his unique blend of exquisite color sense and delicate value control to everything from science fiction to classical mythology, Patrick paints for both the book cover and the museum wall."

Pat Wilshire

IlluXCon Co-Founder


Blazing with color and heroics, Patrick's paintings capture the best of what Science Fiction and Fantasy has to offer- deft draftsmanship, killer compositions and sensual atmospheres. It is a thrill to see what he will unveil next from the studio...

Donato Giancola

pat in nyc copy