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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques

In 2008 Pat and Jeannie Wilshire boldly created IlluXCon, the show I'd been waiting all my life for. I decided right then to document the insights, thoughts, and Masterclass techniques used in preparation for each show, to hopefully create a book as unique to artists as IlluXCon is to me. The result is this book. Four years in the making it has been completely re-written based on my previous two books and includes step-by-step stages of a dozen paintings, plus advice along the way for every aspiring oil painter, illustrator and gallery artist following their own dreams....

'The master artist makes it clear that getting the groundwork right is the key to great art...' ImagineFX Magazine '...I can't say enough here--his work reminds me at times of Jose Segrelles, one of the very finest fantasy illustrators ever...His work is AMAZING!' Bud Plant's Art Books 

Figures from Life

In this follow up to his #1 Bestseller ‘TheAnatomy of Style’, award-winning author, artist and teacher, Patrick J. Jones brings us ‘Figures form Life’! Within this incredibly detailed book Patrick demonstrates, step-by-step, his exciting methods for accelerating your figure drawing skills. Packed with all new demonstrations and drawings this book also includes faithful reproductions of Patrick’s most recent anatomy and drawing study sheets! Each study sheet includes essential figure drawing notes and memory clues to refer to at a glance.

‘There’s a strong sense of authority surrounding Figures from Life: Drawing With Style. The fact that art legend Julie Bell has written the book’s foreword should tell you all you need to know about Patrick’s talents as an artist. And if that doesn’t, the expertise and passion for art that oozes out of the other 159 pages certainly will!

***** Artist's Choice Five Star Gold Award!: ImagineFX Magazine

'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!' - Bud Plant Artbooks. Figures from Life

The Anatomy of Style

Within this groundbreaking book modern master, Patrick J. Jones, lays bare decades worth of his Masterclass figure drawing methods. Building on the forgotten secrets of the old masters Patrick demonstrates, step-by-step, new exciting methods for accelerating your drawing skills. Also unique to this book are faithful reproductions of Patrick's beautiful anatomy and drawing study sheets! Until now these drawings were only seen and treasured by his Masterclass students. Each study sheet includes essential figure drawing notes and memory clues to refer to at a glance. Generously packed with Patrick's incredible drawings and a lifetime of insightful tips, no serious student or art lover can afford to miss this lavishly illustrated book!!! Patrick J. Jones is a multi award-winning artist and author of the best selling book, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques. 

‘The Anatomy of Style:Few art of anatomy books boast quite as much awe inspiring style and originality as this one from fantasy artist and teacher -Patrick J Jones!’

***** Artist's Choice Five Star Gold Award!: ImagineFX Magazine