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The Anatomy of Style: Patrick J. Jones.

Student Reviews:

Fantastic Patrick. Full and detailed course content. Great venue and lighting also.

Wayne V Wishart / Brisbane, Australia

I enjoyed everything about the course. Firstly, it was great to have the ‘kit’ of materials to buy from BPC and at a reasonable cost. The course itself was challenging but Patrick guides you through the steps. He is open to the groups questions and willing to go over anything we asked for. He gave individual helpful advice along the way as well. Really good weekend.

D. Shapiro/ Sydney, Australia

Patrick is a fantastic teacher! He is patient, engaging and makes you feel comfortable, doesn't matter at what level you feel you are at. I can't wait to do my next class with him.

Larissa C / Brisbane, Australia

Out of 10, I give this course an 11! This course was inspirational. I learnt so much in such a short time! :-) Patrick is the full package! An internationally recognised figure drawing scholar, with four written books, an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy, many years of professional experience, and a great sense of humour. But most important of all, Patrick is an exceptional generous teacher who loves helping others to learn. He made learning easy for everyone. His supportive feedback provision approach helped us to acquire his amazing fluid drawing techniques, and to learn how to draw the human figure with style. Thank you!

Christina P/ / Brisbane, Australia

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